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September 14, 2009

Check it out! We’ve been working on a poster for our new short film entitled “BLOODY BASIN”.



Copyright © 2009, GUERRILLASTAR PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved.

Written and directed by Dave Surber, “BLOODY BASIN” is a short film about four college students that fall victim to seemingly supernatural events after they desecrate sacred land while camping deep within the Arizona desert.

The film stars Gordon Clark, Amador Juarez, Emily Pelzer, and Danielle Snell. It was shot by Emmy-award-winning cinematographer Petr Cikhart and edited by Torsten Voss. Brandon Reader created the film’s original music score and it was produced by Julie Holman, Regan Letourneau, Travis Mills, and Dave Surber.

Thanks again to the entire cast and crew for doing a wonderful job! You all kicked ass and it shows!

As a lot of you know, we’ve been working hard on this film for quite some time. All that’s left are some final touches! We plan on being done with post by the end of the month- Just in time to submit to some major film festivals! Awww yeah!

So, what do you think of the poster, or/and the film’s premise? Any thoughts, reactions, criticisms? Hope all is well!

-The Guerrillastar Crew

Copyright © 2009, GUERRILLASTAR PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved.

Presenting “Omnibus De Quasi” Staring Guerrillastar’s Gordon Clark!

August 14, 2009

Directed by Joseph Lao, “Omnibus De Quasi” (2009) is a short film staring Eric Wheeler, Kate Kugler, Lanny Rethaber, and Gordon Clark. The film was shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II, and it was produced Matthew “Mo” Levy, and Evan Sorosky.

A quick word from the director about the film: “Love is almost perfect, life is. Via decisions and consequence, balance is inevitable. A tale of such love, life, and loss has befallen Loren Carri (Kate Kugler). Tragedy storms in the face her greatest love, Daniel Emerson (Eric Wheeler), her father, Rater (Lanny Rethaber), and the infatuation of a past lover, Edward Stain (Gordon Clark). Events will define her, as she chooses her fate, in an Omnibus de Quasi.” –Joseph Lao.

Below is a trailer of the film. Enjoy!

“OMNIBUS DE QUASI” can also be seen at the following locations:


Guerrillastar Productions Presents “The Ruffians”! (2009)

August 5, 2009

The Ruffians” is a short film written and directed by Travis Mills. It stars Gordon Clark (Jim), Dani Danger (Kikei), and Dean Veglia (Boss/Bull).  Dave Surber was the director of photography. Much of the film was shot using 3 Panasonic DVX-100 cameras which were running simultaneously. Many of the scenes within”The Ruffians” were filmed on “exotic” locations making it by far the most guerrilla shoot we have done to date!

The film’s plot: Jim, dissatisfied with the office world and haunted by bizarre static noises, explores an underground tunnel by his work out of curiosity. Inside, he discovers a tribe of people, living the primitive lifestyle that contrasts his own. As he reaches conflict with his boss in the world of above, he grows closer to the underground culture and Jim must decide finally if he should escape into the underground or conform to the restraints of society.

The film was recently submitted to The Austin Film Festival and The Chicago International Film Festival. We waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed! We’ll keep you posted.

Below is a teaser/trailer of the film. Enjoy!

“The Ruffians” teaser/trailer can also be seen at the following locations:

“The Ruffians” on Youtube

Guerrillastar Productions presents “Pigeons”! (2008)

July 27, 2009

Released in 2008, “Pigeons” is a short film presented by Guerrillastar Productions. It was written and directed by Travis Mills and shot by Wasef El-Kharouf. It stars Dave Surber, Hanna Leister, and Sarah Sheldrick. “Pigeons” features music by Treasure Mammal and Yellow Minute. It was filmed on location at the TV-made-famous Mel’s Diner (the location was the inspiration for the TV show “Alice” which aired 1976 – 1985), Revolver Records, and various other locations in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. “Pigeons” first public screening was at the 3rd annual ASU film festival where it competed in the 5min film competition. Enjoy!

“Pigeons” can also be seen at the following locations:

“Pigeons” on Myspace

“Pigeons” on Youtube

Guerrillastar Productions presents “Get Into It”! (2002)

July 27, 2009

Released in 2002, “Get Into It” is a 5 minute 16mm film made by Guerrillastar Productions for MCTV. Since its release it has aired numerous times in Arizona on MCTV (Cox Cable, channel 115). It was written and directed by Dave Surber and features cinematography by Travis Rust. The film was edited by Regan Letourneau and its original music score was created by Aaron Low. It stars Adam Cardon and Jennifer Riggs. Enjoy!

“Get Into It” can can also be seen on these sites:

“Get Into It” on Myspace

“Get Into It” on Youtube

Guerrillastar Productions presents “NANAFREAKINGBOOBOO”! (2001)

July 25, 2009

Released in 2001, “Nananafreakinbooboo” is a five-minute DV short that won grand prize in a nation wide filmmaker’s contest entitled “Ford Focus in Film” sponsored by J. Walter Thompson and Ford Motor Company. It was written and directed by myself (Dave Surber) and stars Yasmin Davanloo as Arlene and Rob Hinds as Jack. The cinematography was done by Travis Rust and it was edited by Jesse Wright. Chris Ekstrom did the sound mixing and it features original music by Chris Rayce and Travis Rust. Jesus Garcia and Joe Gill were the grip masters on set. Many thanks to the entire cast and crew! “Nananafreakinbooboo” premiered at The First Annual Filmmakers Forum held at Scottsdale Center for the Arts in 2001 where I (Dave Surber) was lucky enough to be named Arizona’s new-up-and-coming filmmaker. Enjoy!

“NANAFREAKINGBOOBOO” can can also be seen on these sites as well:




And for those of you who would like to check out the letter we received from J. Walter Thompson that announced our win, check out the image below.