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June 24, 2011

Photo taken right after Travis Mills yelled "cut" on the final shot for his first feature film "The Big Something".

It’s been a very busy year for Guerrillastar member Travis Mills. He along with Gus Edwards founded Running Wild Films which is a film collaborative dedicated to providing the best storytelling in Arizona. They also brought on cinematographer Jason Cowan as a full-time member. Since then, they’ve been turning out shorts left and right. You can catch their work at their Vimeo page Running Wild Films. In addition to all that, Travis and Jason just wrapped on their first feature film “The Big Something“! The film was entirely shot in just fourteen days with a budget of only $2,000. Many people have asked Travis how a feature could be shot in such a short time especially given its practically non-existent budget. His response to them,

with determination and the good ole creative spirit. You see, my heroes did it in less time. Edgar G. Ulmer made the best Film Noir of all time, a masterpiece called Detour. And he did it in only seven days. That’s right, folks, seven days.

Kudos to the entire cast and crew of “The Big Something” for their serious accomplishment! My hat goes off to you!

Photo of the cast and crew of "The Big Something".

You can read more about “The Big Something” at their blog The Big Something which contains numerous posts documenting the film’s journey into creation.

Also, here’s a brief synopsis of the film that Travis provided,

Lewis is a loser-record-store-junkie. His boss has given him permission to sleep on the floor of the store. However one night when Lewis returns and opens the door, a startled cop yells at him to freeze. It’s then that Lewis sees his boss Marcus, lifeless on the floor. Marcus would never take his own life, but then who killed him?

The Big Something Teaser Trailer:

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