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Guerrillastar Productions Releases “Bloody Basin” (2009) On Vimeo and YouTube!

March 1, 2011

Well we figured it was finally time to release our short film “Bloody Basin” onto both our Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

As we mention in previous posts “Bloody Basin” was an official selection of this year’s Arizona Underground Film Festival.

Written and directed by Dave Surber, “Bloody Basin” is a short film about four college students that fall victim to seemingly supernatural events after they desecrate sacred land while camping deep within the Arizona desert.

The film stars Gordon Clark, Amador Juarez, Emily Pelzer, and Danielle Snell. It was shot by Emmy-award-winning cinematographer Petr Cikhart and edited by Torsten Voss. Brandon Reader created the film’s original music score and it was produced by Julie Holman, Regan Letourneau, Travis Mills, and Dave Surber.

Thanks again to the entire cast and crew for doing a wonderful job! I couldn’t be happier with the way it came out.

Bloody Basin from Dave Surber on Vimeo.

Bloody Basin served as my short film capstone while attending ASU’s School of Theatre and Film.

It was originally slated as a four day shoot in the Arizona desert. However, during its third day of shooting the film suffered some major setbacks when we were hit by a severe thunder storm with torrential downpours (extremely bad news if you happen to be filming in a fifty acre dry wash). In fact, it was the largest storm recorded that year in that area. Crazy bad luck considering it rarely rains in Arizona. Especially in the month of February.

We did what we could to preserve the story and finish the piece, but the loss of a day and a half of shooting due to rain meant changing the script drastically in order to finish the film on time. To the crew’s credit we finished the film on time and it screened at ASU’s capstone screening in the spring 2008.

Unhappy with the forced changes, I returned into the desert a year later and re-shot parts of the film as it was originally scripted.

The version you are about to see reflects those changes and is very close to the film’s original shooting script.

I hope you enjoy our film! Please feel free to express your thoughts below. Oh and please feel free to share the film with others. We could use the exposure and feedback. Thanks!

A special thank you to all those who worked on this film. It was a long and at times painful journey, but I could not be more proud of what we created. I am forever grateful for your trust and support.


Dave Surber
Writer, Producer, Sound Editor, and Director of Bloody Basin

Full film credits at:

And for those of you who are interested you can anonymously rate Bloody Basin on its IMDb page at: literally takes 2 seconds and we could really use some honest ratings! Thanks!

Copyright © 2009 Guerrillastar Productions. All rights reserved.

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If for some reason you’re having trouble viewing “Bloody Basin” on Vimeo please feel free to check it out on YouTube at:

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