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“The Ruffians” and “Bloody Basin” Receive Some Praise From!

November 1, 2010

As we mentioned in a previous post, both of our films “The Ruffians” and “Bloody Basin” screened at this year’s Arizona Underground Film Festival. Turns out one of the festival’s attendees was Chris Coffel a writer for He saw both films and did a writeup for each on Here’s a little excerpt from the article he wrote entitled, “The Ruffians ventures into the underground”:

The Ruffians is a film that truly impressed me at the Arizona Underground Film Festival. The story is something most people should be able to relate to. We’ve all gotten to that point at one time another in our 9-5 job where we just want to get away and live the most simple life. That’s what I took away from this film, that Jim had finally hit that point… In just a short Mills was able to encompass many of the elements that make a quality film; mood, feeling, story, lighting, score, acting, location, casting, to name a few.  If The Ruffians is any indication, Mills is a name you won’t soon forget.

And, here’s a little bit from the article he wrote about “Bloody Basin” entitled, “Bloody Basin a killer short”:

The film is directed and written very well. The opening shots of the Arizona desert are gorgeous. As a fan of establishing shots, especially those that involve natural landscape and scenery, the opening sequence of Bloody Basin was right up my alley…. The story is perfect for the short film format and Surber did en excellent job of executing it on film…. All in all, Bloody Basin is a great little thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed. My eyes were glued to the screen throughout as I watched the fast paced plot unfold and come to an exciting, heart pounding conclusion. Oh, and I learned to never kill a coyote. Not bad, Surber, not bad at all.

Thank you Chris for your thoughtful reviews! We’re stoked that you dug both our films and we appreciate you taking the time to write about them on Not bad, Coffel, not bad at all!

You can find out more about “The Ruffians” and/or read Chris Coffel’s full article by clicking the links below.

Link to Chris Coffel’s full article “The Ruffians ventures into the underground” on

Link to Chris Coffel’s full article “Bloody Basin a killer short” on

Link to teaser trailer for “The Ruffians”

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