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“The Ruffians” Screens at IFP/PHX Cinema lounge and Receives a Glowing Review in the Examiner!

August 10, 2010

On Friday, July 30, 2010 five films were screened at what turned out to be this summer’s last IFP/PHX Cinema Lounge. We are proud to say that our film “The Ruffians” was one of the five films chosen to be screened. For those of you who don’t know about the IFP/PHX Cinema Lounge it’s a public forum where local filmmakers can exhibit and discuss their work with other filmmakers, press, and audience members. The event itself is held at the Metro Arts Theater in downtown Phoenix, AZ. I have to say, we are extremely pleased with how well “The Ruffians” screened at this venue. Many audience members seemed to genuinely enjoy our film. Take Phoenix Indie Films Examiner William Pierce for example. Here’s an exert taken from an article he wrote for the Examiner entitled “IFP/PHX Cinema lounge: some new faces to the AZ indie scene” :

“The Ruffians” combines an excellent cast and talented crew to present a tale of non-conformity and defiance in the face of oppression. Over-the-top(less) indie siren Dani Danger is perfect as the earthy, subterranean seductress, while Dean Veglia provides a convincing performance as the psuedo-sympathetic boss/antagonist. [Travis] Mills and the crew of Guerrillastar Productions have delivered a finely crafted offering to the Arizona indie scene. With several future projects in pre-production, such as “The Big Something,” there is no telling what new and diverse directions these versatile young filmmakers will take us. -William Pierce

Nice! Glad to hear you enjoyed the film Mr. Pierce! My hat goes off to the entire cast and crew for a job well done! Special thanks to those who attended the event and to Kate Hoy for putting on the show.

“The Ruffians” is a short film written, produced, and directed by Travis Mills. It stars Gordon Clark (Jim), Dani Danger (Kikei), and Dean Veglia (Boss/Bull).  Yours truly (Dave Surber) worked as the director of photography as well as a producer on the film. It features original music by Brandon Reader and editing by Mark Olsen.

You can find out more about “The Ruffians” and read/or Mr. Pierce’s full article by clinking the links below.

Link to William Pierce’s full article “IFP/PHX Cinema lounge: some new faces to the AZ indie scene”

Link to previous blog post: Guerrillastar Productions Presents “The Ruffians”! (2009)

Link to teaser trailer for “The Ruffians”

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