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Presenting Man/ Woman/ Motel Room Directed by Travis Mills

August 8, 2010

Written by Gus Edwards and directed by Travis Mills, “Man/ Woman/ Motel Room” (2010) is a short film staring Dean Veglia and Kelsi Zahl. The film was shot and edited by Emilio Mejia, Jr.

As the film’s director Travis Mills explains, “Man/ Woman/ Motel Room comes from a short play by Gus Edwards.  Everything about it is Guerrilla filmmaking. “Optioned” for a dollar, filmed in a hotel room on Van Buren in Phoenix for the total cost of sixty dollars, the script sat in a stack of papers on my floor for months till something clicked and after a sweaty night with two good actors and a damn good cinematographer, we give you the first in what I hope will be a series of fast, dirty short films.”

Below is the film. Enjoy!

Man/ Woman/ Motel Room from Emilio Mejia on Vimeo.

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