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Guerrillastar Productions Presents “The Ruffians”! (2009)

August 5, 2009

The Ruffians” is a short film written and directed by Travis Mills. It stars Gordon Clark (Jim), Dani Danger (Kikei), and Dean Veglia (Boss/Bull).  Dave Surber was the director of photography. Much of the film was shot using 3 Panasonic DVX-100 cameras which were running simultaneously. Many of the scenes within”The Ruffians” were filmed on “exotic” locations making it by far the most guerrilla shoot we have done to date!

The film’s plot: Jim, dissatisfied with the office world and haunted by bizarre static noises, explores an underground tunnel by his work out of curiosity. Inside, he discovers a tribe of people, living the primitive lifestyle that contrasts his own. As he reaches conflict with his boss in the world of above, he grows closer to the underground culture and Jim must decide finally if he should escape into the underground or conform to the restraints of society.

The film was recently submitted to The Austin Film Festival and The Chicago International Film Festival. We waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed! We’ll keep you posted.

Below is a teaser/trailer of the film. Enjoy!

“The Ruffians” teaser/trailer can also be seen at the following locations:

“The Ruffians” on Youtube


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